Conventa Trend Bar 2017
Photo credit: Conventa Trend Bar 2017

On Thursday, 26th of October, more than 30 representatives of the agencies, hotels, congress destinations and event agencies gathered at the chosen location: In the Park. The socialist realistic hall was turned into a cafe and bar in which attendees really felt relaxed, as being at home.
Through various good case examples, we presented them the “Power to the Meetings” methodology, which we have been successfully developing for the past ten years on our Conventa trade show. Most of the enthusiasm was aroused by practical activities in which the Bulgarian participants showed exceptional creativity and innovation.

If we would need to highlight some content from the debate and presentations there would be many of them: as we figured out, we live in a time which demands that every part of the meeting or supply chain offers the added value. Our events want excited participants and not only satisfied delegates. By doing so – we need to tell stories, not create events – and this is a statement that everybody truly believes in. If we keep thinking about excited participants, we need to adjust the programme to their needs – in this sense, less is more and the user experience is extremely important! We should guide the participants through all the experiences step by step. To make them feel comfortable and relaxed, we need to change the meeting rooms into living rooms – and spice it up with some music. Music is the universal language and so are events – the music represents the essential part of every event since we react spontaneously when hearing the music.

And the bottom line: participant engagement can be done in many ways, but the best results occur when you do something on your own.

By far the most exciting story was the one about “SREČA-nja” (HAPPY-meetings), as the participants understood the point of it’s meaning as being the Slavic nation. In the figurative sense – meetings bring happiness to the participants and the whole point of our methodology is making our participants happy.

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