Winter wonder walk pleasure

Bad Kleinkirchheim is a ski resort that can satisfy the needs of the most impassioned skiers, as well as those who enjoy the culinary side of days on the slope. The skiing range prides itself on numerous mountain huts, famous for their authentic Carinhtian cuisine. Almost all of the huts are usually sun-kissed, but it can be quite fogy in the valley, so the best way to enjoy beautiful views while eating excellent food is to visit one of the huts. Each has its own specialty, from homemade schnapps, different forms of Carinthian dumplings and the omni-present apple strudel. The Unterwirth hut also has no shortage of specialties and everything they put on the table comes from their home farm. They also serve “Kletznnudeln”, traditional Carinthian pastry from cinnamon dough, sugar and melted brown butter. To make the whole experience even more memorable and fun, you can embark on a gentle journey to the huts, getting back to Bad Kleinkirchheim with a wooden snow sledge.

Best time of the year:All year round
Duration:Until you eat all your caviar
Location:Tainach, Austria


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