Photo: Slovenian Convention Bureau

Meeting planners from North-East Slovenia joined a one day workshop held at the Habakuk Hotel in Maribor on October 3rd. The workshop, entitled »Spotlights From Slovenia«, offered insights into an increasingly used artistry in the meeting industry’s digital marketing – creative writing.

Gorazd Čad (Toleranca Marketing) held an educational presentation, while Matjaž Jug (ETC Adriatic) led the participants through the fundaments of incentive programmes. The discussion showed the meeting planners had not been too familiar on how to approach creative writing in order to entice team-building and incentive programmes.

However, a skilled guidance of both of the presenters led the participants to build up a successful story to make their destination attractive for business and congress tourism. Through a group work, the meeting planners formed inventive team-building and incentive programme ideas for the city of Maribor. The next workshop will be held in Ljubljana on November 16th.

Workshop was organised by Slovenian Convention Bureau

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