Last year the FRESH conference did the unthinkable for meeting planners: cutting one conference into five – FRESH became a Multi-Hub conference with hubs in five different cities; London, Brussels, The Hague, Turin and Lisbon.

FRESH survived and so much was learnt that it inspired a book. Still in the making, the book explores how the Multi-Hub conference came to be and what participants felt and said about their experience. As a result of one particular bit of feedback, FRESH will now go one step further… from Multi-Hub to Spider-Hub.
FRESH18 will again happen simultaneously in different cities. However, this time each of these cities will have four additional sets of video conference equipment, enabling four multi-hub break-out groups. In every city, there will be four tables each connected to their coinciding tables in the other four cities. Participants sitting at the green table will be in the green session with a total of four green tables. Each participant at a green table will see four video-windows (from four different countries) on their screen. They can discuss (verbally) in a smaller sized group and get to know each other better. Participants can ‘walk into’ another multi-hub break-out room just by going to another table in their hub. 

Is your head spinning? Don’t worry, you can experience this amazing SPIDER-HUB event in a FRESH-city near you. This unique conference and all its amazing speakers will give you the leading edge in the newest form of ‘digital meeting face-to-face’.

Block the dates 27-28 of February 2018 and keep an eye on for updates.