November Gourmet Ljubljana

In month of November, the first festival entitled »November Gourmet Ljubljana« will be held in order to mark Ljubljana and Slovenia as culinary destinations of Europe.

The aim of the festival is to enrich the tourist experience of Ljubljana in one of the otherwise slowest months of the year.

During the whole month, many culinary events will be available. For example, cooking workshops, show cooking, seminars and discussions with supreme culinary masters, while different restaurants will create special menues and hotels diverse packages.

The festival will offer four main events: two editions of Ljubljana Wine Experience from 4th to 11th November; the festival of wine and food on November 17th and 18th; and on November 24th the final event of the November Gourmet Festival will be held at a unique venue where it will offer a new experience of Ljubljana tastes including those winning in the contest called »New Taste of Ljubljana«.

November Gourmet Ljubljana

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