Photo credit: Puojd

Puojd is a Slovak designer brand, represented by Michaela Bednarova, who focuses on the textile design since 2008. Michaela got her inspiration in the Slovak national coat of arms style in various designs – descriptive or just funny allusion to current events in Slovakia. If you might think that Puojd is limited only to the Slovak borders – let us assure you, that they have no border limits. Puojd also expanded its collection of products inspired by other national symbols.

Puojd stands for a fresh young label, with bold ideas mixed with (traditional) national emblems, which, today, proudly represent Slovakia. Michaela is an amazing example, how to develop a new approach to souvenirs – as she did it for Slovakia. Clothing and accessories covered with stylish national symbol, spikelet of Slovak fields or map of Slovakia creating a cow pattern became characteristic feature of the brand and were popular not only among individuals but also among international companies such as Volkswagen Slovakia, ZSE, Slovnaft, the Slovak National Gallery, Office of the President of the Slovak Republic and others. Yes, you read correctly: Puojd also provides you with various PR materials, advertising products, merchandise materials and others – all for their clients.

Photo credit: Puojd, souvenirs made for the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic

Puojd stands for Slovakia that you would want to wear and Slovakia that you would want to live in. From the very beginning, from the idea to the end, to the final making, Puojd focuses on ethical processing and ecological effect. At the same time, Puojd supports local production with its workshops and professional companies located in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The dedication to uniqueness is combined with the aim in sustaining the tradition of Slovak textile industry.

Photo credit: Puojd, souvenirs made for Volkswagen Slovakia

If Puojd would be a person, it would go by the desired features: positive, funny, but critical, ecologically minded, tolerant, but not blindly following the crowd. Who would not want to be the Puojd? I sure want to be!