Days of Slovenian Tourism
Photo Credits: Visit Ljubljana

At the 7th Days of Slovenian Tourism, Ljubljana Mayor Zoran Jankovič received the highest recognition of the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia for his significant contribution to the development of Slovenian Tourism.

He got awarded for his work and engagement in the development of tourism in the Slovenian capital. Particularly, as the Chamber’s respresentative emphasized, for Mayor Jankovič’s lead in the guidelines of sustainable development and protection of cultural heritage, his lead in connecting stakeholders in- and outside of Slovenia, for his leadership in numerous sustainably oriented products and services, and for the Ljubljana’s model urban development positively influencing the other local communities.

The three-day Days of Slovenian Tourism (DST) was held in Kranjska Gora from 17 to 19 October 2018. The event was organized in accordance with the strategic guideline of strengthening integration in the development and marketing of Slovenian tourism with all major partner institutions active in tourism in Slovenia.