Well over 400 social influencers from all over the world will come to Rotterdam in spring next year for the Traverse conference. Traverse is the biggest influencer’s conference in England, attracting hundreds of participants from all over the world each year: from fledgling bloggers to influential Instagrammers, vloggers and YouTubers. Rotterdam is the first non-English city where the conference is held. This sixth edition will take place on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May 2018.

Michael Ball, founder of Traverse: “We are beyond excited to head to Rotterdam in 2018. We have never taken the conference out of the UK before but after a visit to this fantastic city the decision to make this even the first one held abroad was an easy one. As a team, we fell in love with the people, architecture, food and culture of Rotterdam and can’t wait to introduce it to hundreds more in person next May, who will in turn promote it to millions over social media, blog posts, videos and more.”

Traverse started in 2012 as an event for English travel bloggers, but has now become an international conference for influencers in various fields. The conference offers a programme of lectures, presentations, panel sessions and workshops, aimed at online influencers. From practical tools for photography and video to inspiration and tips by professional influencers.

For this Rotterdam edition, Traverse will be working together with Rotterdam Partners, responsible for the city marketing of Rotterdam. Jannelieke Aalstein, deputy director of Rotterdam Partners: “We are over the moon with the arrival of this conference. In the past few years, Rotterdam has managed to increase its profile as an international conference location. In addition to this, the target group of influencers is of growing importance for the city marketing strategy of Rotterdam. Photographs on Instagram, videos on YouTube and posts on Facebook increase the online visibility of the city. We expect the impact to be enormous when next year all of a sudden, hundreds of influencers are walking about in Rotterdam and communicating about the city.”

Prior to the conference, Rotterdam Partners are organizing several midweek events in cooperation with Traverse and the brand alliance partners, i.e. the municipality, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Participants of the conference can register for these without any obligation.

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