Career Fair 2016

For everybody thinking about career and new challenges, today is one of those days you simply have to take advantage of this great opportunity and possibly make a new step.  The CD Congress Centre Ljubljana is hosting a Career Fair “Moje delo”, a place where Slovenian employees and employers meet, greet and make everything possible. The biggest career event in Slovenia, traditionally organized every autumn had become a main hub, a unique event in the labour market and a place where everything is possible, a place where future “Millionaires” can find their first chances, new knowledge or their first employees.

Career Fair 2016, Photo credit: The organizer

The event was organized by the largest employment portal in Slovenia,, whose primary activity is to advertise the most current job vacancy offer at the moment in the labour market. Despite the huge unemployment in Slovenia, the pool of suitable candidates for employment is rather tiny and the biggest challenge is finding the most suitable candidates for posted vacancies – that is, candidates who, according to their experience, skills and skills, will best suit the needs of employers.

CD Congress Centre Ljubljana is hosting the biggest Slovenian career fair ever since 2015 and as the organizer emphasized, it is simply put the best and ideal venue for their event: “ Cankarjev dom offers us a modern ambience with all the necessary technical support that we need to carry out the event. The large reception hall and the First Foyer are more than a great place to establish a junction between supply and demand. Lecture rooms, Lili Novy Bookstore and Štihova Hall allow us to carry out an additional program. Cankarjev dom / CD Congress Centre Ljubljana in the centre of Ljubljana is simply the best place for such an event.” Organizer,

A record Career Fair 2017
For the first time, 3 floors of the CD Congress Centre Ljubljana are buzzing with tremendous opportunities, possibilities of employment, training and education, while at the same time 3 halls offering free lectures, seminars, thematic meetings, discussions and round tables. A record number of 80 employers are looking for their new employees; with the rising economy, undoubtedly connected to employment.

Career Fair 2016, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana in numbers:
60+ exhibitors;
250+ HR professionals and HR experts;
13,000+ visitors;
20+ lectures visited by 3,400+ listeners;
500+ psychometric tests resolved;
350+ photographs taken in the photo corner.

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