Green electricity

Your group will find our more about the beginning of electricty generation. The place is wonderfull also as a special venue.

This 110 year-old power plant serves both as a museum of technology as well as a modern power-generating facility. The Rain power station was hooked up to the power grid on February 2nd 1902. One of its first customers was then-mayor Julius Christof Neuner, in whose home the very first electric light in Klagenfurt would burn. Byt the end of this first year of operation, there were already 870 power customers with 12,000 light bulbs, 30 arc lamps, 94 electric irons and 61 engines. By 1911 there was sufficient capacity to electrify the city’s tram system, which until then had been drawn by horses.

The Rain works was in fact the main supplier for Central Carinthia until 1923. Only in 1925 was the Forstsee power plant added to the power grid.

Best time of the year:All year round
Number of participants:Minimum: 20
Duration:2 - 4 hours


Energie Klagenfurt
STW Klgenfirt Gruppe
T: +43 463 521 1900

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