St.Martin's Day
Photo Credit: Ljubljanska vinska pot

On November 4 at 10am, the Ljubljana Wine Route will offer visitors a wine and food tasting walk through the Old Town. The stalls will be open until 5pm. On November 11 the same walk will be open from 10am until 5pm as well.

The opening ceremony will be held in front of Ljubljana’s Town Hall. The restaurant Druga violina will add a special moment to the opening ceremony with pulling a wine treasure out of Ljubljanica river, where it has been kept since Summer. The ceremony will be followed by the Town Halls’ opening of  the exhibition Architecture and Wine in Central Europe.

On both days, November 4 and 7, visitors will be able to enjoy in numerous cultural and art performances from all over Slovenia. The street performances will be held at four venues: Nazorjeva street, Stritarjeva street, Mestni Square, and Prešernov Square.

How to prepare yourself for the walk? Buy yourself a souvenir glass or borrow a glass; buy value coupons for paying at the wine stalls; and immensly enjoy in the top-notch wines and excellent cuisine.

The St.Martin’s Day is a traditional Slovenian celebration of the birth of the new wine that is marked by the main celebration on November 11, but accompanied with the celebrations for a week before and a couple of weeks after the main holiday.

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