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Photo Credit: PP Vransko jezero

Kornati, the archipelago in the Dalmatian part of the Adriatic sea, is one of the most beautiful stretches of water in the World. Very well aware of the fact, the allied local and state authorities have launched a project for the sustainable use of the protected natural heritage. The project Rediviva is a part of the »Competitiveness and cohesion« programme for the financial period 2014-2020.

Among the project’s 16 programmes, the key ones are the renovation and construction of three informational infrastructures for education, interpretation, promotion and marketing. The three centers will on one hand attract more tourist to the islands, while on the other offer a harmonious coexistence with the local community.

Photo Credit: Informacijski centar NP Kornati i PP Vransko jezero

The first of the three locations has been opened since May 2017. The cultural and presentation centre, with an additional exhibition space called Škrinja tajni (The Chest of Secrets), was opened in Betina on island Murter. The facility is 450 square meters big and its investment cost almost 1 million euro. The centre is located in the historical midst of cultural life in Betina. The offical name of the facility is Information Centre for Kornati National Park and Vransko lake. The presentation center offers cultural and tourist manifestation of natural values of the two beauties: the national park of the Kornati islands, and the natural park Vransko Lake.

The other two centers — Coronata in the centre of Murter town, and the Kuča okrunjenog mora (House of the Crowned Sea) in the island Kornat’s bay Vrulje — will be finished by 2019.

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