The acknowledged Danish Meeting Design duo, Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger, now launch an improved version of their popular The Meeting Design Game – an innovative tool that helps improve the planning of meetings and conferences in an easy and efficient way.

The Game (MDG) helps meeting planners design extraordinary meetings by combining strong knowledge about Meeting Design with Gamification and has been warmly welcomed by leading meeting and event planners worldwide.

Meeting and event planners are constantly looking for new ways to create value for both meeting owners and participants. MDG, created by the esteemed Danish Meeting Design duo Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger, can help them do that – easily and effective – and is basically the tool meeting and event planners didn’t know they were missing. MDG is a card game consisting of more than 100 cards that give advice on misc. elements which Meeting Planners can use to design and create meaningful and extraordinary meetings, and should be seen as ‘the building blocks’ of creating a successful meeting.

The brains behind MDG are Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger, two of Europe’s leading meeting designers and key proponents of the innovative Danish Meetovation concept developed by VisitDenmark.

”Basically, we have condensed 20 years of strong knowledge, experience, training and research into that game, which is an easy way to level up from planning meetings to designing meetings, “ the creators explain.

“The rules of MDG are very simple, and it can be played by everyone. It is perfect to use in a planning team or with a client, easy to bring along and ensures a common understanding of how a given meeting should be designed,“ Ann Hansen continues. In recent years, Meeting Design has become an industry buzzword, but in reality, it is often poorly applied meetings and events.

“Originally, The Meeting Design Game was designed for the Meeting Design training courses we offer, but we quickly realized its potential as a powerful, universal tool to improve the planning of meetings, “ Bo Krüger adds. ”Whenever we tested MDG in focus groups of meeting planners, people asked us whether they could keep the game. Some even looked as if they’d be tempted to sneak it into their bag, just to get a copy – and that’s when we realized that we had created something of great value to the industry, “ Krüger continues.

The Meeting Design Game is priced at 150€ and can be ordered at If you want to make a review of the game, Bo and Ann might even be willing to send you a free copy. Go to:

“I almost cried when …Bo Krüger gave me the Meeting Design Game.

If you’ve ever tried to pitch something to get a post on the blog you know you won’t get anything. In this case, I had to put it on the blog. Every event planner should get one of these and play in the office. Get your boss to pay for it, save some money, or ask your finance to buy it for Christmas.”

Julius Solaris – Editor, EventMB

What is Meeting design?
Meeting Design is a rather new approach to meeting planning, that shys away from more traditional meeting planning focusing mostly on the ”hardware” and logistics of meetings.

Instead, Meeting Design concepts put emphasis on the ”software” of meetings; the objectives, content and workflow of meetings. The aim is to create much more valuable meetings with higher and more long-term output and impact. In addition, it offers a much more holistic and innovative approach to meetings and strongly improves competencies and competitiveness of professional Meeting Planners.


“We have gained great value of the game especially in two different areas. 

  1. With new employees and trainees to introduce and create understanding  of the very concept of meeting design
  2. With meeting owners to clarify objectives and create overview and agreement of the following process.”

Rita Kristensen – Scandinavian Local Field Force Administrator Immunology, UCB Nordic A/S

Meeting Design Training courses
Ann Hansen and Bo Krüger regularly offer training courses in Meeting Design and how to play the Meeting Design Game. The next course takes place in Copenhagen on 19-21th February 2018.

On the training course, participants will learn to think like a meeting designer, create more valuable and meaningful meetings and events, and become better sparring partners for their clients and meeting owners.

“It’s a great chance for them to develop and grow as a meeting professional,” adds Ann Hansen.


For further information about The Meeting Design Game, please contact:

Ann Hansen
Phone: +45 2120 1742


Bo Krüger
Phone: +45 4165 2000

The Meeting Design Game ApS
Langelandsvej 45, 4
2000 Frederiksberg – DK

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