How satisfied are you with international MICE associations?

Kongres Magazine kindly invites you to take part in a short questionnaire about Meetings Industry International Associations.

An in-depth research about the topic is quite hard to find, and we decided to listen to our readers and shine the light on this aspect of our industry. The goal of the research is to establish a better understanding of the current situation on the “market” of international associations. At the same time, we would like to know what are the needs and expectations of individual members of this industry. To achieve this goal, we’ve come to you for help. We need your anonymous voice to reach the public.

The survey will take you 5 minutes to fill out, and we thank you in advance for your answers. All contributions will be handled with absolute discretion. In case you have any questions regarding the study, please free to contact us at

Thank you for your time and effort!

Gorazd Čad
Editor in Chief