Moyzes Hall
Photo credit: Moyzes Hall


The Moyzes Hall, remarkable concert and dance hall, is located in the impressive building on Danube River bank, where the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University has been housed since 1960. At first, the building served as a representative army headquarters and was built in between years 1911 and 1912. One can access the Moyzes Hall from around the corner of the Vajanskeho Street.


The venue was designed by the Austrian architect Josef Rittner from Vienna in the early 20th century in the amazing Art Nouveau style. It can accommodate up to 220 people if theatre set-up and up to 180 people if banquet set-up. The Faculty of Arts rents the premises of Moyzes’ Hall for educational, scientific, cultural-educational and artistic-social events.

The hall is decorated in the Viennese Art Nouveau style with the decoration representing one of the most typical interiors of this style. For its excellent acoustics, it is mainly used as a concert hall or a conference hall. Part of the hall represents the stage, which is suitable for the presentations of smaller theatre performances. The adjoining rooms are connected with the roofed atrium and provide the appropriate space for various events.


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