Photo Credit: Jeju Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Korean delegation to host the 30th PVSEC (Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference & Exhibition) attended the 27th PVSEC that was held from 12 to 17 November, 2017 in Otsu, Japan. The delegation was organized by members of the Jeju Convention  & Visitors Bureau International Convention Center JEJU and Korea Photovoltaic Society. The delegation vigorously promoted Jeju island as a venue for the PVSEC-30 in 2020.

Jeju made a pitch in front of 27 members of the PVSEC International Advisory Committee on 15 November, after Bhubaneswar (India), Sydney (Australia), and Abu Dhabi (UAE).

Jeju Island appealed to the committee by introducing the 3020 renewable energy project of the Korean government and the strong will of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province that has spearheaded the clean energy development. Also, the delegation put forward the stunning natural beauty and world-class convention facilities and infrastructure of the island and the convenience of visa-free accessibility. Also, Jeju emphasized its quest for a carbon-free island with all electricity to be provided by renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind powers. Jeju Island won the majority of the votes with 14 votes cast.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province expects about a thousand professionals in the field of photovoltaic and other renewable energy to visit Jeju Island in November, 2020. The provincial government expressed its ambition to show the world the capabilities of the province and the country as a whole as a strong leader in the renewable energy field by introducing the ongoing photovoltaic energy projects and other renewable energy programs of Jeju Island on this occasion.