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Wet Feet Whilst Flying On A Sunny Day?

Just 90-minutes to an exceptional experience

Imagine you’re on a plane. You fasten your seatbelt, getting ready for landing. But what’s this? You’re already so low, but out of the window it looks like the crystal clear waters below could touch your feet any moment now…
…Yes, this is how it feels when landing in Zadar and Split, two towns on the Croatian coast. Both of these popular Adriatic spots are not just incredibly charming, but they also possess the mildest and sunniest climates anywhere in Europe. For this reason it is very rare for flights to be cancelled, which makes Zadar and Split Airports two of the most reliable in Croatia. Moreover, their location is ideal for getting to Šibenik – it takes just over an hour on dramatic roads overlooking the Dalmatian sea.


So, is there anything else to add about getting there? Well, yes, that leaving is equally as exciting. You fasten your seatbelt once again. And then, when the plane leaves the ground, you rise majestically from a sparkling sea towards a breathtaking sunset…

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