Interview with David Siegel, SVP, Partnerships at Marketing Factory
Interview by: Gorazd Čad
Photo credit: Personal Archive


We are very curious about how the agencies and clients work together, what do they expect from each other, how do they view each other, and so on. For this reason, we contacted both, agencies and clients to get their invaluable insight on the matter.

In this issue, we are presenting answers from the agencies, while in the next issue we will present answers from the clients. Enjoy the reading and be surprised!

Q: In your opinion, what defines a good agency-client relationship?
Like any great relationship, the agency-client relationship takes time and care to build. At Marketing Factory, we believe that fostering open, honest, safe and consistent communication is essential. Developing a shorthand of trust and transparency, and a reciprocity of respect and passion in one another’s goals is the bedrock of a long-standing relationship. We are wildly grateful for some nearly two-decade long relationships with clients – a testament to that reciprocity and openness.

Q: What is the first sign of deeper problems in this relationship?
We believe that everything comes down to communication at Marketing Factory, both internal and external. When both sides of the relationship approach good news and challenges with the same set of tools, a winning relationship is fostered.

Q: Share with us a typical case of mistrust between an agency and the client.
Marketing Factory maintains the trust of our partners by sharing updates early and often. Not every update is going to be great news, but we believe that when the tough news is presented along with mitigating suggestions and ideas for solutions, then the client comes to expect that we are problem solvers who deliver above their expectation time and time again.

Q: What do agencies want to say to their clients?
Marketing Factory believes in the mantra of “fail early and fail fast.” Transparency is tantamount to covering up our mistakes and we learn so much, improve vastly and do better every day because of them. The quicker we fail with an idea, the quicker we learn and uncover the idea that wins the day. In our mind, that is how we win for our team and ultimately for our clients.

Q: Do you trust your client in a process of event creation and execution?Marketing Factory clients are our partners and, as such, we are a tremendous team in event creation and execution. We each bring our respective strengths to the table and perform against our shared set of deliverables and expectations. Trust is fostered and eventually earned over time, and consistent collaborative and collegial experiences with our partner clients reinforce the quality of the work.