When you are working in meetings industry, an industry full of wonderful people and creating amazing projects, you simply have to be happy. CD Congress Centre Ljubljana already has 24 international confirmed congresses and conferences for 2018 – as a result of their previous successful work and connections, successful bidding and long-term relationships with the main players in congress industry.

Without a doubt, the meetings industry is undergoing some radical changes and 2018 will be full of novelties, amazing projects, new friendships and of course, plain fun. 2018 is all about cooperation, since some European most distinguished PCOs are working hand-in hand with CD team. Meetings with over 1,500 attendees such as EuroPrevent, ESTS (26th European Conference on General Thoracic Surgery), WSCTS (28th Annual Congress of the World Society of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgeons) and EPH (11th European Public Health Conference) and many more are a  confirming that Slovenia is a great meetings’ destination.

CD Congress Centre Ljubljana wishes you a happy 2018, full of the small moments that excite you and projects that inspire you even more … and kindness – remember, it all starts with one single person and one single act.

Happy 2018!