Photo Credit: Kurzschluss

Just dance! Get on the floor of GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre and dance! :)


When you are the convention and exhibition centre with 20 multi-functional halls and hosting numerous events throughout the year, music events are of course one of those events. With great technical skills, amazing sound and the Chameleon halls that transform from congress event to the magical night event in a heartbeat. Without a doubt, Kocka Hall at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is their most appropriate hall for hosting this kind of events and ever since its completely renovated sound system in the beginning of 2017, the hall has even greater sound and possibility to meet the demands of concert events with accompanied TV recordings.

The story about Kurzschluss
In 2013, Kurzschluss was born in Ljubljana: a project, full of potential and a great idea that focuses on having a good time, dancing and listening to great music. The word “kurzschluss” is originally a German word, meaning a short circuit, speaking of electronics.  And so, a Pop-up clubbing event Kurzschluss was born, bringing some of the best electronic music performers to Slovenian capital and offering the best experience of Ljubljana’s night life at the end of the year. The series of Kurzschluss events are based on rather simple formula: great venue, great musicians and creative promotion.

GR – the place to celebrate
Ever since 2015, GR has been hosting the Kurzschluss, when organizers were searching for bigger and more functional venue with additional services and a capacity to host this large events. It simply has become the most famous party at the end of the year, known regionally and without a doubt, Ljubljana has become a party hot spot in November and December. This year’s Kurzschluss programme started with an amazing concert of Dubioza Kolektiv, electronic legends David Morales and David Sanchez, successfully continued with the great performance of Slovenian DJ Valentino Kanzyani and finishing in December with some of the famous performers like Bajaga, most successful Slovenian DJ Umek and Lost Frequencies.

If you want to experience at least one amazing night of 2017, don’t hesitate and hop on the Kurzschluss experience this Friday and Saturday – a night of extraordinary scenery and a night where music is the emperor of the world.