Photo Credit: Herkki Erich Merila

Interview with Aivar Laan, Founder & CEO at Festivality

Q: How do you boost the levels of creativity at events?
As mobile event tech provider, we believe in technology and data helping every stakeholder – technology and data-driven machine learning should enable us to free up valuable time at events to more deeply explore the paths where humanity manifests itself at its best – creativity!

Q: How do you sell creativity at events?
With smart mobile event apps – the organiser’s goal is to communicate to attendees what technology enables them to do at events more creatively, and how the efficiency, time-savings and better “homework” achieved from using technology can be turned into extra creativity on content, inspiration, learning and being able to meet more relevant contacts while at the event.

For organisers and promoters managing creativity means delivering better, smarter events.

Q: How do you measure creativity at events?
Through how much and what kind of engagement you get from attendees by providing them the more creative means and effective tools of networking, lead collection, time-planning, orientation and social sharing, while being able to focus more smartly on personal connections at events, on event content and inspiration extracted from this content. A post-event survey via a mobile event app would be the easiest tool to collect feedback.

Q: How do you manage creativity at events?
In the events domain this means empowering attendees with better user experiences and helping them get more out of events, more quickly and efficiently, with modern tools, which is what today’s smart device users expect. For organisers and promoters this means delivering better, smarter events, and to both provide and gain more value from data-driven approaches.


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