Home to retired steam trains – a perfect industrial venue!

At the end of a 15-minute stroll from Ljubljana’s Old Town can be found an astounding industrial building that is today home to the Railway Museum. Formerly serving as the mechanical workshop for steam trains, the building is home to an amazing collection of steam trains that can no longer be seen operating on the tracks. With its unique and fascinating history, the building represents a perfect ‘off the beaten track’ venue for your next event.



The Railway Museum found its home just 15 minutes from Ljubljana’s Old Town and right behind the Union Brewery. Set conveniently on the fringes of the city centre, the location allows for late-night events and is the perfect spot for a different kind of event experience.

The venue can welcome up to 250 attendees within its 400 square metre space. It has already hosted a variety of different events, from press conferences, car launches and weddings through to closing ceremonies of conferences and seminars as well as various theatre and contemporary art performances.

The central exhibition area of the museum housing the steam train exhibition has a rotunda shape. Due to the original purpose of the space the venue is unheated, but it has all of the required electrical installation in place. For these reasons the venue makes for an ideal shelter in those hot summer days, while in the winter the heaters at the venue get a good workout.

As the venue is home to retired steam trains, when hosting an event it’s necessary to remove the dismantled trains, the exact number of which depending on the size of event. In winter and snowy conditions their removal is impossible, so due to this the hosting of bigger events in the winter period is not recommended.



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