Photo credit: ČSOB Marathon

When you run the marathon, you compete against yourself, not others and most likely, you are reaching your personal goal. Nothing is given, one needs to work for it and the experience builds one up as a person. If you can run a marathon, is there anything that you cannot do? You are your own fear, enemy and you are your own pride – join the running city of Bratislava, at the 13th annual event, which will be held in the Bratislava Old Town, Petržalka and Ružinov on 7th and 8th of April 2018.

Currently, the ČSOB Bratislava Marathon is on the run with the charity campaign »Help with buying numbers«. Each of the runners can choose its favorite number that has a unique meaning to a person. Whether its birth date, an important event or just a lucky number, that beings happiness, moral or/and mental support and well-being of a person. Each one can have their favorite start number for a minimum of 5,00 euros, while the upper limit of the charitable contribution is not fixed. The first round of the charity campaign was held on the St. Nicholas Day, when 13 runners brought their numbers and the second round starts on the 1st of February and ends of Valentine’s Day on 14th of February 2018. All the funds raised will help to support the handicapped children from socially disadvantaged families.

While preparing for the April’s run and choosing the favorite number get in touch with the registration@becool.sk for all the details.

ČSOB Bratislava Marathon is one of the most popular runs – and its popularity is still growing! The evidence showing it is the increasing number of its members and runners. During the marathon weekend of 7th and 8th April 2018, the athletes can choose from up to 9 disciplines. For the participants, the organizers have already prepared ČSOB marathon, Mercedes-Benz half marathon, Johnson controls relay run, Adient relay run, 10k run, Nutrilite minimarathon, kids run, toddlers competition and senior run & walk.