What even is craft beer?

For laic beer drinkers, the term craft beer might sound like a potion made in someone’s garage by self-proclaimed beer drinking aficionados. Well, they might not be as far from the truth as you think. Craft beer is beer that isn’t produced by multinational corporations, but instead, in local and independent brewing companies, called “microbreweries”. But unlike a witch’s potion, these beers are considered to be the highest in quality, richest in flavour and enjoyed by only the most experienced beer connoisseurs, who know what to order when they step into the bar.

Craft breweries are not only a good local economy booster, but also an excellent sign of a destination’s urban atmosphere. They are bringing the culture of beer drinking to a higher level and we can expect it to stand side by side to wine tasting and its traditions in a very short period of time. We believe microbreweries are in direct correlation with the congress industry, as participants are stepping away from mass-production and are looking for more intimate and authentic congress stories.

We went on a hunt to find the very best regional craft breweries and the people that are putting all their heart and soul into making their tasty hop brew unique and a cut above everyone else’s.


MONYO Brewing Co. was established in 2014, in the heart of Kobanya, Budapest, to revolutionize microbrewing in Hungary. The main reason for creating a brewery was Adam Pein getting fed up with not being able to serve his bars’ guests with craft beer, as their quality was unstable and breweries were not able to maintain a constant, familiar taste. To achieve his goals he won over Antal Nemeth, who is presumably the best and most precise brewmaster in the country. MONYO Brewing is a place where people are driven by passion, knowledge and creativity. MONYO uses the latest technology, pays close attention to hygiene and uses only the best ingredients. MONYO is one of the fastest-growing breweries in Hungary, in 2015 we won the title ‘Brewery of the year’, and other foreign awards. MONYO Co. has both traditional and new wave beers.

Where can I find them?

We come from Főzdepark (Brewpark), Budapest, Hungary. Főzdepark is a partnership of four local craft breweries; MONYO Brewing Co., Mad Scientist, Horizont Beers, and HopTop Brewery, found in an industrial park. The hungarian craft beer revolution started six years ago with the first craft beer festival, called Főzdefeszt. Currently approx. 60 craft breweries operate in the country. The popularity of craft beers increases from day by day.


Franky Four Fingers
Our most complex beer, the high alcohol percentage has nothing to do with any additional sugar. Made from traditional English ingredients, Maris Otter malt and Fuggle hop. It was aged in the bottle for a whole year to get its perfect characteristics. The result is a thick, red, rich malt drink. It tastes like sherry mixed with the aromas of the Fuggle hop. The Franky and Boris beers are limited editions, and are either in a 0,375 l or a 1,5 bottle. Only a few thousand are made. Each bottle has its own number and the year of production written on it, which is important because each year we keep the first 120 beers. We plan to make a special collection in the following years, which will contain the saved bottles.