Photo credit: Union Hotels

In March 2017, Union Hotels became a proud owner of the former textile house Modna hiša – Fashion House. For almost a year, the venue represented the off-the-beaten place where fresh and creative events were hosted. The specialty of the house is its several levels and multiplicity of spaces that allowed each event to be set in a different, unique environment, offering a new experience for all attendees.

In the year of 2018, the following piece of news excited us – Fashion House is on a new mission, offering the largest fitness center in Ljubljana, named FITCITY. From now on, the venue will represent a place for health and recreation – which are always in fashion!

Expert in sports with many years of experience, Polona Gosar, will take care of the physical and emotional well-being of the visitors with a team of professional trainers in the very heart of the city. At Nazorjeva 4a, once an important center of fashion, the fitness center will come to life offering top-notch services, a recreational program, and training equipment for the healthy lifestyle to all of the visitors.

The FITCITY will extend on the 1300 m2, while one will be able to enjoy the training in two halls, offering new forms of training, such as Spinning®, BodyBlade® functional training, Peak Pilates, Fitness chairs, Ugi Fitness, circular training for body shaping, Aerobics and much more.