Photo Credit: Dubrovnik Tourist Board

According to the statistical data of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, 6 317 guests awaited the arrival of the New Year 2018, which makes for a 28% increase comparing to the New Year’s Eve of 2017.

Most of the guests were from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, USA, Albania and Montenegro. Exceptionally successful tourist results were observed through the whole December 2017. Dubrovnik made for 20 633 tourist arrivals (13% more than in December 2016) and for 42 765 overnight stays (5% more than in the previous year). Most of the December guests were from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Asian countries, USA, Korea, Albania, Germany, France, Japan and Portugal.

In addition, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board announced that through the whole 2017 Dubrovnik reached record tourist results. From the 1st of January 2017 until the 31st of December 2017, Dubrovnik saw for 1 181 465 arrivals what made for 17% increase comparing to 2016. Among these tourists, 1 124 423 were foreigners, while 56 042 were locals, and the 36 214 arrivals were connected to nautical tourism. According to the data from the E-visitor system, 2017 showed in Dubrovnik for 4 211 522 overnight stays including the nautical tourism.

From the total number of tourists from 1 January to 31 December, 646 121 of the guests stayed in 50 of the Dubrovnik hotels, what made for a 6% increase in hotel stays comparing to 2016. While in the private accommodations, there were 386 911 guests, what made for a 28% increase comparing to the previous year.

The top-list of origin by country in 2017, traditionally lead guests from UK, USA, Germany, France, Croatia, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Finland and Ireland.

Source: Dubrovnik Tourist Board