CODART is the international network of museum curators of Flemish and Dutch art in museums worldwide. The 21st CODART congress will take place in Bruges from 11 to 13 March 2018. Approximately 140 curators from 25 different countries will participate in an interesting and varied programme compiled by CODART in collaboration with long-standing partner Musea Brugge. The theme of the congress ‘Old Masters, Old-Fashioned?’ deals with the current status of the Old Masters in museums and with the role curators can play in this. Beautiful Bruges, with its wealth of museums and home to an impressive collection of works by the Flemish Primitives, is the perfect venue to discuss this thrilling topic.

The network connects practically all curators of Dutch and Flemish art

CODART has been successfully performing its mission for almost 20 years. The network connects practically all (700) curators of Dutch and Flemish art worldwide and encourages them to work together. With its activities, CODART promotes international cooperation in the field of the preservation, management and promotion of the entire Dutch and Flemish cultural heritage kept in museums all over the world.

Participants in this congress will be able to attend lectures about the congress theme, and present projects and ask each other questions in the Speakers’ Corner. There is also an extensive excursions programme with visits to the Groeninge museum, Saint John’s Hospital, the Gruuthuse museum, the Adornes domain, several churches… And there is of course enough room for networking in several locations in the city.

Gerdien Verschoor

Director of CODART

“We are very pleased to gather in Bruges, where we are always welcomed very warmly. We meet in order to work out common plans for the future, and for an international network for Dutch and Flemish art, it feels good to be able to organize a congress amidst these stunning Flemish works of art.”

Mayor Renaat Landuyt

“Bruges is home to many museums with internationally renowned collections such as the works by the Flemish Primitives. This means that this city has a lot to offer for museum congresses”, says Mayor Renaat Landuyt. “We are very pleased that CODART chose Bruges as the venue for this congress”.

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