Photo credit: Hotel Muji

First MUJI Hotel was opened on 18th of January 2018 in Shenzen. The hotel reflects Muji’s simple aesthetic – described by the brand as “anti-cheap, anti-gorgeous concept”. The driving idea was that travel evolved, from once extraordinary to ordinary, and traveling has become part of our daily lives. And Muji hotel provides an answer to this shift in demand. Cooperating with Muji stores, it seeks to provide a physical experience of the Muji philosophy through carefully selected fabrics, textiles, colors, menu and venue of the restaurant, and more. The hotel is designed around the premise of wellness, specifically getting a quality night sleep, relaxation and rejuvenation, for business travelers and tourists.

In the bedrooms Muji products, electric kettles, wall-mounted CD players, toothbrushes etc. are included for the guests to use. In the hotel restaurant food is all served on Muji dinnerware. There is also a library, opened 24 hours a day, free to use for both the general public and hotel guests. The hotel offers a small gym and a shop that allows guests to purchase the products they have been using inside the hotel.

Muji hotel is an experiment in fusing the hospitality and retail industries to create the ultimate brand experience. By inviting guests to spend the night with its products, the brand is taking the “try before you buy” philosophy to an entirely new level.

About MUJI:

Muji started with 40 products during the 1980s and is commonly referred to as a “brandless” company, as its products bear no logos, and little money is spent on classical marketing or advertisement. Its simple aesthetic, which has become synonymous with contemporary Japanese design, allows its products to fit into a variety of homes and lifestyles – one of the reasons the brand has become hugely popularity in recent years.

A wide variety of Muji’s households and consumer goods, is distinguished by its design minimalism, emphasis on recycling, avoidance of waste in production and packaging, and no-logo or “no-brand” policy. It is positioned as a “reasonably priced” brand, keeping the retail prices of products “lower than usual” by the materials it selects, streamlining its manufacturing processes, and minimising packaging. At the heart of Muji design is the Japanese concept of Kanketsu, the concept of simplicity, aiming to bring a quiet sense of calm into strenuous everyday lives.