Passionate and innovative, these were the keywords of the briefing for the opening of L’Oréal’s new headquarters in Düsseldorf. For 900 guests, while the largest space in their brand new building only holds 400 people max…

A cool challenge for the creative team of events and live-marketing agency VOKDAMS. How do you get 900 guests experience the new building simultaneously, in a fun, informative and memorable way?

By throwing out the ordinary housewarming concept, and turning it into an active and exciting brand experience with the new HQ as the stage. Turning house-warming into house-running!

L’Oréal instantly embraced the concept as one perfectly fitting the brand image, its personality and the new building.

32 groups of 25 employees – mixing up all hierarchy levels and job specialities – started at various points throughout the building to experience the brands, the products and the energy of L’Oréal at 26 separate discovery stations.

Under the slogan “J1 Discovery” (J1 is the name of the building, inspired by the street address) the 900 employees of L’Oréal experienced the new building in an active and playful way.

A logistical achievement where time management and spatial planning defined the group flow. The whole process was always creative and varied for the guests, who were blissfully unaware of the intricate time planning and group movement allocations required for the flawless execution. Thuy enjoyed a stress-free and fun-filled afternoon.

The discovery experience ended in style with a fashionable after-work party spread out over various levels of the building.

The sense of pride of all L’Oréal employees was almost palpable throughout the afternoon. Not just about the new building – designed with them in mind – but also driven by the renewed acquaintance to the full range of L’Oréal brands and products.

The overall feedback from all employees was unanimous and on point: best L’Oréal party ever!

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