Photo credit: Klgenfurt airport

Klagenfurt Airport or Kärnten Airport is a regional airport, located north of Klagenfurt on Wörthersee, on the outskirts of the city and is easily accessible and suitable also for a variety of private jets. Klagenfurt Airport is also known by its International Air Transport Association code as KLU. Nine airlines operate both international and domestic routes from KLU.

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We had a quick talk with Mr. Michael Kunz, the new general manager of Klagenfurt Airport. In September 2017 he left his position on Fraport and moved to Austria with his family.

Photo credit: Klagenfurt airport

Q: As a airport manager, what is your management style? 

Good question, I do not think there is one management style, but I really appreciate team work and I believe in joint decisions.

Q: What is your overall development strategy? 

We want to grow continuously but steady in all segments and we want to deliver excellent services to all customers.

Q: Do you have the right team in place to make that happen? 

Yes, I believe so. The team at the airport in Klagenfurt is highly experienced and very much motivated. Overall, everybody here does a fantastic job.

Q: Regarding your motto “Vom Kartenland in jeden land? Mach einen Abflug!” Klagenfurt is well covered when it comes to destinations with geographical reach, but what destinations is Klagenfurt Airport still hoping to see direct access to? 

I would love to have a second hub connection with a legacy carrier.

Q: What have been Klagenfurts’ most notable new routes? 

The most recent new route was London and Rotterdam and we do hope to see the carriers more often here in Klagenfurt; we are on a good way.

Q: What are your next targets for route development? 

As said, I would love to see a second hub connection and besides that the usual incoming connections.