Photo Credit: Ana Roš, Hiša Franko

Šibenik, the 1000-year old town in the heart of the Dalmatian coast, has been growing in the recognition as an excellent congress destination. Its blooming is related to its wonderful Mediterranean climate and natural gems, its cultural and historical uniqnuess, its clear and not overcrowded sea, and its event facilities that offer an upgraded experience for every event held. Such are, for example, in May 2017 opened Convention Centre Šibenik – Amadria Park, the largest such facility in Croatia with its biggest conference room in the Adriatic, and Šibenik’s two fortresses (of four) of which one  dates back to the beginning of the 11th Century. Barone and Sv.Mihovil (St.Michael) fortresses have been recently renovated into modern event venues that attract highest business events (BMW, for example). On top of all that, Šibenik is attractive because of its food. In Šibenik one can experience the intersection of medieval surroundings with gourmet pinnacles including traditional Dalmatian »konobas« and the best Croatian restaurant Pelegrini Konoba/Tavern.

Photo Credit: Chef's Stage

Undoubtedly, all of these facts brought to Šibenik Chef’s Stage – the international gastronomy and hospitality congress that brings together regional gastronomic leaders to inspire creativity and exploration in en encouraging environment. The idea behind Chef’s Stage is to present Croatian and regional cuisine to international gastronomic scene.

Photo Credit_ Pelegrini Tavern

The congress brings together all participants in gastronomy and hospitality: chefs, restauraters, hoteliers, industry professionals, producers, suppliers, guests, journalists, opinion makers. The congress hosts numerous world renowned chefs and guest speakers all coming from glamourous backgrounds of the gastronomic and hospitality industry.

Photo Credit: Pelegrini Tavern

The organizer and host’s (Pelegrini Tavern – voted Best Restaurant in Croatia & Chef of the Year 2017, 2016 and 2015 – Rudolf Štefan) objectives are to ignite culinary curiosity and encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience; to systematically increase the ‘producer-supplier-restaurant’ network; to link the reginal gastronomic community – create shared conscious plan for the future, identify trends and find ways to successfully implement them into regional cuisines; to nurture culinary talent and show the beauty of working with people in hospitality; to articulate current issues of the profession and suggest solutions, and finally, to constructively criticize laws & regulations and propose adjustments.

Photo Credit: Fortress of Culture - Šibenik

Congress will be held in English in inspiring Šibenik’s locations. Congress program will be held at the Convention Centre Šibenik in Amadria Park, while the master classes and gala dinners will be held at: Barone and Sv.Mihovil fortresses, Bibich winery, MY Casablanca (luxury motor yacht), National Park Krka and at the Pelegrini Tavern.

Photo Credit: Pelegrini Tavern

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