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Number one are the people.

Baltic For Events is the biggest meeting for event professionals in the region: Event Clients, event agencies, event suppliers and creative minds. There is no such intellectual, communicative event connecting like-minded people anymore.

Number two is the program.

 For the first time the events will be classified according to the created event typology. Focused on the experience of organizing various types of events.

The first day of the forum is provisionally divided into 2 blocks. First one is Festivals & Cultural events.

Each of the participants of the first day presents their project with a focus on a topic that has influenced brand development. So, Cirque du Soleil talks about new trends and creativity for B2C events. Positivus Festival about the current trends in sponsorship, Black Night Festival on how to get support from the government. What strategy you should create and how you can improve your event to give value. Hurricane of Hearts talks about charity events and what you can actually get by organizing them besides headaches.

This whole block is constructed in a way so that the participants can see B2C events from different angles, learn the latest trends in creativity, learn about sponsorships and government communications, and find out how to earn money.

Block number two is called: Corporate & Business events.

Two key headliners will talk here about event trends in 2018-2020. They are Colja Dams, CEO at Vok Dams and Janne Bjorge founder of Nine Yards. Both agencies are legends.

One (Vok Dams) was started as a small family agency with the idea of Live Campaigns and now has become one of the strongest event agencies in the world with over 20 global offices. The other (Nine Yards) started from one guy – Janne and the idea of Brand Experience. Nine Yards is now one of the most powerful event agencies in Scandinavia.

The end of the first day is dedicated to the presentation of countries. Every country was able to choose a topic they want to talk about and share. That’s how we will get the full picture of what is going on in the industry of the region.

The forum invited the strongest and most powerful agencies. They are:

Estonia: Jolos Events and Frank events

Event battle «Big Agencies against Party Makers»

Latvia:, Meduza, Shine Events

Event talk: «New Normal of Added Value»

Finland: Helena Wallo, Funmedia, Tapahtumatekijat, Factor Nova

Event talk: «The Way to Count ROI is Simple, Proveable and Honest»

Sweden: Occasion, Nine Yards

Event interview: What is Special in Nordic Creativity

Lithuania: Totem group, Partizanas, Catalyst Baltic; Event battle: Emotional investment

Poland: Allegro, Endorfina Events, Walk Events; Presentation: «Poland – Baltic Enigma».

All these talks involve changing behavior, mind updates, and showing you the future while driving your present.

After the first day of the Forum, the first @BalticEventAwards takes place. And if The Forum is the conversation, the Baltic Event Awards is the demonstration of the capabilities of the agencies.

Every agency can apply for Baltic Event Awards FREE OF CHARGE until 01/04/18 (when the applications close). The Baltic Event Awards ceremony starts at 7pm and takes one hour. After it everyone is welcome to join the cocktail party for participants.

The second day of the forum is divided into 2 different parts: Clients Point of View and Event Service Festival.

In the first part of the day we have 3 key speakers – Global Event Director of Ericsson, Global online event Director at Siemens, and the CEO at with over 2 million readers every month.

These speakers will cover the following topics: digitalization at events, emotional intelligence and customer service during an event.

There will be a panel with Baltic Marketing directors (Microsoft and SEB) and Nordic Marketing directors (Audi and Tele2) showing the difference between the Nordic and Baltic mindset. Mindset and game rules to be explained. Finally, the Event Service Festival with such wonderful names as MeetingPackage, LaserMaster, BTStyle shows all participants new services and new innovations that event organizers can/will get.

The program promises 3 main things and this is how they plan to deliver it:

  1. Find good relationships.

– 93% of people prefer to sign contracts after meeting in person, but this is not always easy to do. You have to first have the live touch and then everything becomes easier. Event professionals come from over 200 business fields (from event clients to event suppliers/venues/caterers). You can find all of them in one place – at BFEF. Join the community of event experts in the Baltics, Poland and Scandinavia. Increase credibility for your brand and get live contacts, good relationships and face to face meetings

  1. Get the experience.

#BFEF creates a great event community between Poland, the Baltic States and Scandinavia. It shares experience among the countries and gives you a great chance to present yourself to over 300 experts, enter this event community of like-minded people, and find partners and inspiration for your business.

  1. Change in behavior.

#BFEF is the only Pan-Baltic Live Communication platform for the event industry. The forum will unite intellectuals, managers and decision makers. In 2017, 73 people said BFEF completely changed their business life. Which is not even the whole truth. BFEF connects people who change the industry.

Don’t stay in yesterday. Be a change.


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