Vivo specializes in professional organization of event catering and is qualified for catering congresses with few thousands of delegates at multiple venues at the same time.

Tastes of traditional, local and international cuisine, with a touch of contemporary style, will provide your event with the perfect catering service.

Vivo Catering has been a partner of Conventa for 10 years, so if you have experienced Conventa before, you definitely recognized them, as well!

For their anniversary, Vivo Catering presented their work with an art project, called ”While we eat” – a professional photo shoot of people and food, as a symbol of art and pleasure.

The word VIVO stands for I LIVE and as the name of the company says, Vivo really lives in the hearts of people all across Europe! They have successful partners in Zagreb, Rome, Prague, Bratislava, and other places.

Wherever you are, wherever you wish to be – Vivo Catering is there!


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