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LEAP (Learn, Engage, Act, Progress) is a global movement which influences more than 100.000 people worldwide. It consists of LEAP Summit global conference, LEAPin conferences, LEAP Community and LEAP Program for Future Leaders and Future Entrepreneurs.

LEAP Summit gathers more than 2,000 changemakers from more than 30 countries who are leaders or changemakers in their respective communities. The main focus of the conference is on themes connected to innovation, IT and modern technologies, entrepreneurship, career development and life-changing stories. LEAP Summit brings people from all over the world at one place to learn together in order to solve most pressing challenges of our times.

The 3-day event in Zagreb will offer 5 Conferences in One LEAP, more than 60 World-Class Speakers, and 2,000+ participants who will have an opportunity to connect and to take part in the LEAP networking program, share their stories and network with different and like-minded people. LEAP Networking program consists of: Employers Pitch, B2B Networking, and Open Mic.

LEAP Summit is organized by NGO Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation (Hrvatski ured za kreativnost i inovacije – HUKI) and Innovation Factory.

Some of the announced speakers are: Kamran Elahian, Founder and Chairman, Global Innovation Catalyst, LLC; Emil Tedeschi, President and CEO at Atlantic Grupa; Bella Funck, Innovation Leader, Learning and Progress Facilitatot at Hyper Island; Pascal Condamine, Project Evangelist Europe, Indiegogo; Branko Baričević, Head of the EC Representation in Croatia; Slaven Stekovic, Scientist/Innovator, Entrepreneur, Founder of TLL The Longevity Labs; Alejtin Berisha, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder fo Finnish Schools International; Harry Mitsidis, Founder at Nomadmania.com; Lenja Faraguna, Modern Marketing Mentor for Personal Brands, Business Diamond Accelerator; Marija Kolak, Head of Marketing and Sales CEE South at Flixbus; Albert Gajšak, Co-founder & CEO at Circuitmess; Barbara Salope, General Manager at Vinco.no, Innovation and Business Development Consultant.

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