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Autumn will bring to Zagreb luxurious »Heritage« hotel

Ugo Grupa and its brand Amadria Park will in the 3rd quarter of 2018 introduce the brand's first city hotel at a prestigious location.

Photo Credit: Amadria Park

In Zagreb, 2017 tourist season brought 1,3 million tourists and more than 2,26 million overnight stays. The newly announced hotel from Amadria Park, that will feature 111 accommodation rooms for leisure and business travellers, will contribute to a predicted growing tourism in the Croatian capital.

Ugo Grupa at the end of 2016 introduced a new brand Amadria Park that includes hotels from Opatija and Solaris Resort from Šibenik. The opening of a new hotel in the capital’s centre, however, is gonna be the Amadria Park’s first city hotel at a prestigious location. The investment into a hotel, set in a former building of the Croatian bank Wiener Bankverein, is 14,4 million euros worth.

As Amadria Park says on its website, the grand building, built between 1921-1923, now an upscale hotel, will carry a ‘Heritage’ label, and its story will be interwoven with urban Zagreb flair through interior design, facilities and features, making a stay in the hotel a complete accommodation experience. The new upscale hotel has an eclectic style, reflecting its century-old charm from the Secession and Art Deco eras. Art nouveau elements are interpreted in a modern fashion, serving as the hotel’s starting point for defining its visual identity. In successfully combining tradition with luxury, the hotel’s emphasis is placed on hospitality with the guest as the centre of the story.