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Bea world advisory board is the annual meeting gathering of the most influential and brightest minds of the international event industry who are now part of the lively Bea World community.

The meeting is taking place right now from Saturday 3 to Tuesday 6 of March, in an extraordinary site: the island of São Miguel, in the Azores archipelago, a vibrant garden in the middle of the Atlantic. A land of lakes nested in volcanic craters famous for its stunning natural beauty, and its rich social and cultural heritage, a perfect destination for congresses, combining contemporary infrastructures with a vivid historical legacy.

ADC Group has established an Advisory Board composed by presidents, in order to strengthen, consolidate and continuously improve what has become ‘the place to be’ for the international event community. The presidents of national events associationsjournalists from leading publications in the field of events and corporate company managers who have been already part of the Best Event Awards Jury. Among others also Gorazd Čad, the editor of Kongres Magazine was invited to be a part of the advisory board at this year’s meeting.

The Advisory Board’s mission is to improve the format of the Festival, and above all to adapt it to the changes and innovations on the market. The Advisory Board members are thus called to redefine the guidelines of the Festival, propose topics and international speakers, discuss the awards categories, examine the voting system and come up with new ideas.

Plenary meeting with the name Bea World Festival: achievements, vision, strategy, and innovations will be held by Salvatore Sagone, President&founder Bea World Festival (BWF), Ilka Dzelk, Strategic advisor Bea World&Senior partner event ROI Institute, Ilaria Granato, Business development manager BWF, Brenda Deblasio Romeo, project manager BWF, and Ana Fernandes, vice-president APECATE.

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