Photo Credit: Warsaw Convention Bureau

Global Events Congress (GEC) is a significant international congress for event and experience design, management and marketing academics, researchers and practitioners. The congress gives an opportunity to share cutting-edge research on events and events management.

The focus of the 2018 GEC will be on Education, Content, Creativity. Presentations and discussions will include numerous themes/topics within the domain of hospitality and tourism from sports events, festivals, to event management education, social marketing, sustainability, destination marketing, etc.

Dr.Krzystof Celuch, Local Organizing Committee Chairman, notes on the Congress’ website that »numerous achievements of the international specialists in the field of Event Management are very significant« and for this reason, the GEC wants to »share them with the experts representing different universities, industry associations and partners.« The »scientific program will comprise sessions held by the representatives of the European, American, African and Asian professors,« adds Mr.Celuch.

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