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The saying goes like this: if really want to get to know and understand a culture, you need to taste it. Or as J.S Foer stated ‘‘Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving, and identity‘‘.

The Bratislava Food Tours team knows exactly were to take you to taste the real Slovak soul through delightful and tasty city walks. The organized pleasant and enjoyable tours around the city with a local foodie will enrich your getting to know the city and its culture, local tradition and history through the authentic Slovak cuisine.

This opportunity to taste local dishes and alcoholic beverages, and get to know the interesting stories behind is perfect for your incentive. You will learn about how the Slovaks welcome their guests, why there might be a problem taking a bath around Christmas, how they like their lunch and you will hear about the odd food the Slovaks enjoy on various occasions. You will see the popular firewater, explain how the Slovaks drink their coffee and open your horizons with interesting local information.

Whether your group size is as small as 8 people or as large as 100 people, they have a culinary experience for you. They will prepare a custom ordered tour perfect to suit the group’s needs and interests and showcasing the best of Bratislava foodie neighborhoods.


Mixology lessons, make your own dessert experience, hearing the stories of chefs and restaurant owners, tasting delicious treats from the favorite mom-and-pop shops, amazing eateries and the newest spots creating a buzz in the neighborhood, and much more can be incorporated to your custom made Food Tour. Or you can choose among the already packed Food tours: The Traditional Food Tour, the Sweet Tooth Food Tour, Slovak drinks Tour or around Christmas, the Christmas Market Food Tour.

 Only one warning: please be prepared for more than a full meal – do not eat lunch before the Traditional Food Tour or make lunch plans after the Sweet Tooth tour. And wear some comfortable shoes.


Best time of the year:Any time!
Duration:By agreement
Number of participants:As many as there are
Venue:Outdoor / indoor


Bratislava Food Tours



Phone: 00421 (0) 910 902 315

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