Photo credit: www.slovenia.info

Following the successful implementation of the global digital campaign in the past two years, the Slovenian Tourist Board (WTO) has been upgrading one of the most important marketing and communication projects in line with the latest trends in digital advertising.

The global digital campaign began on March 1 and will take place in six advertising vouchers, from 1.3.2018 until 15.11.2018. The goal is to increase the tourist visit before and after the high season and to follow the goal of balancing tourist flows 365 days a year.

This year’s WTO digital campaign will take place 17 countries. In Europe it will be present in Germany, Italy, Austria, Great Britain and Ireland, France, Russia, the Benelux countries, the Czech and Polish markets, Switzerland and the Scandinavian markets (Finland, Denmark). The campaign will also digitally communicate on overseas markets in the United States and Canada.

This year, 1.4 million euros are dedicated to the global digital campaign, of which more than half a million euros for promotion through the most important social channels Facebook and Instagram. The campaign focuses on content within 39 articles which will be published on global and recognizable digital media such as CNN, Kleinezeitung.at, Repubblica.it and others.

The campaign has not only exceeded the goals set in the past two years but also has made a key contribution to increasing visibility and the desired positioning of Slovenia as a boutique, green, active and healthy destination for 5 * experiences.

The campaign is upgraded this year with even more detailed segmented advertising across all channels, which is also reflected in the campaign’s creators.

The key objectives of the digital campaign SLOVENIA. Make New Memories are an increase in the visibility and reputation of Slovenia as an excellent tourist destination for green, active, healthy experiences with selected target groups in selected target markets and increasing the choice of Slovenia as a preferred tourist destination. In addition, the global digital campaign is aimed at promoting attractive tourism products based on sustainable development, increasing the number of foreign tourists and their overnight stays and increasing the reach, interactions and different types of conversions. The main target groups of the digital campaign are families with children, active individuals, couples and seniors and sustainably active individuals with care for sustainable activities.


More information on the digital campaign at: www.slovenia.info/digitalnampaigns .