VOK DAMS, the globally operating agency for events and live marketing, won four awards in this year’s international competition.

The expert jury was impressed by the “LEXUS Press Conference on Demand” at the IAA 2017. In particular, the innovative form of the press conference as a mixed reality program, which could be experienced individually at any time using VR glasses (Microsoft HoloLens), made the project stand out from the competition.

80 finalists in 26 categories selected from a 35 countries around the world competed for the coveted prizes.

This year as a first, the award ceremony was conducted exclusively online. Available as livestream on Facebook and YouTube, industry professionals from all over the world could conveniently enjoy the show from wherever they desired.

The Lexus Press Conference on Demand project was awarded in the following categories:

Best Experiential Event: 1st place
Best Promotional Event: 2nd place
Best Customer Engagement Event: 2nd place

Overall, the LEXUS project took second place at the Best Events.

More information about the Eventex Awards can be found at: www.eventex.co