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As a student of Faculty of Economics Ljubljana, she was doing many different jobs, mostly in manufacturing companies (Sales department, Purchasing department, HR department). Later on, she got a steady job in one of these companies as commercialist in the Sales department, which gave her a lot of opportunities to meet new people. But she always wanted to work in the event industry, so when the opportunity came up, she didn’t hesitate.

Q: Which of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre’s halls do you find to allow for the most creativity for events?

I would say Kocka hall at the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is the one that allows the most creative and different events. Because of its size and possibility of flexibility, it allows us to host various events, from congresses with over 2.000 attendees to concerts, exhibitions, fairs, advertisement shootings, fashion shows and the Slovenian selections for the Eurovision Song Contest. Each event has its own characteristics and special features and for each event, Kocka hall can be tailored to the client`s wishes. The sky is the limit for client`s imagination and creativity.

Q: Why is the Marmorna Hall (marmorna meaning marble) called this way? Is its construction connected to marble?

Come and see it for yourself ;) GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre is a venue with a very special architecture. Renowned Slovenian architects have created interesting monumental buildings encompassed by an extensive open area with a fountain in the pleasant green environment. All halls bear the stamp of modern functionalist architecture and are formally protected as architectural heritage. Marmorna Hall, one of the many halls, has been built in 1961 and has marble floor from Slovenian marble and special wooden walls, made out of Slovenian wood, which is authentic even from the acoustic point of view. The side wall, made out of glass, offers a view of our green yard and magical fountain and can be also darkened when needed. The materials and its combination lead to a monumental place where you can organize various conference events, as well as dancing and social events. When Opera and ballet House was being in the process of renovation we have hosted their shows in this hall. As it has recently undergone a comprehensive renovation, it is equipped with the most modern technical equipment as well.

Q: The special feature of the GR is that along with its halls it can build up additional halls for bigger events. How many additional square meters these halls offer, how are they built, how much creativity does the GR take in the construction?

 One of the GR`s great advantages is that we can adjust the halls based on the clients’ wishes. Therefore the halls can have a different set up for each event, while we always have the client’s vision in mind. We can also build additional constructed halls to gain extra exhibition space, approximately 6.900m2. This way we provided more exhibition space also for last year`s 24thMotor Show Slovenia and for our Home fair.

Q: Tell us something that might surprise the meeting planners about your city.

Friendliness and cooperation of the locals. Once you have experienced the vibe that the city has to offer, you will have difficulties finding the city that could match our complaisance. Many meeting planners are pleasantly surprised by the coziness of the Ljubljana city center, with many cafés and restaurants located by the river bank and surrounded by famous architect Jože Plečnik`s works of art, which are bringing together the meeting planners with local people, creating an authentic experience that you cannot find in other European capitals. The fact that everything is walking distance makes our city one of a kind.

Q: What trends do you think we will see in meetings and events in Ljubljana in the next 12 months?

For the past few years, there has been a lot of talking about the sustainability. With Ljubljana being the Green capital of 2016, we are still trying to develop even more in that direction. Just yesterday, the first electric train named Urban started operating in the city center. Together with the technology, the meeting events are more and more focused on going green with using less paper, more apps, choosing venues that are within walking distance from the hotels and city sights. Also giving back to the local community plays a big role in the organization of various events.

Q: What is your personal favorite art venue in Ljubljana?

Personally, my favorite venue is Križanke Summer Theatre. It combines cultural ambient together with warm and cozy feeling. Whole space has always different vibe, depending on the event. You can enjoy intimate summer concert, musical shows, rock concerts or even have a private event. It is my go-to place for events in summer.

Prepared by: Ajda Borak