The place where the universal heart of the written word will be beating for the entire year.

Athens is not just an excellent XL Meeting Destination and the 2nd among the 15 Best Destinations of the New Europe Meetings Star 2017, but this year the city is proudly answering to an additional calling. The ‘X Factor’ of Athens is its title of World Book Capital 2018. This historic city offers an interesting location and ideal weather, and has infrastructure befitting a major European capital.

World Book Capital is an initiative of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The title is nominated every year to a different city and the programmes run from 23rd April (World Book and Copyright Day) to 22nd April of the following year. The whole year will be full of books, reading, culture and events that promote knowledge that, these days, is sought after and readily accessible to all. The aim of the festivities is to bring books to every neighbourhood and to every corner of the city.

Georgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens and President of the Organising Committee, says on the official website: “We are proud of this distinction. Our ambition and objective is for Athens to become a more book-friendly city, with greater opportunities for learning and knowledge.”