Photo credit: Cankarjev dom

Within the International Project Fit Slovenija and EMCP Fit4Kid Network, agency  Forma 3D organises an annual Fit and Fit4Kid Conference which presents the results of previous work, novelties, programme and protocol of activities for the upcoming school year and serves new conclusions from the scientific fields of medicine and education and with the best Fit cases of good practice.

The annual Fit and Fit4Kid conference is intended for principlas of Slovenian primary schools, Fit coordinators, Fit4Kid multipliers, as well as for all other pedagogues of primary schools, kindergartens, and other stakeholders.

This year’s Fit4Kid Conference was hosted by Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana on 24 April 2018. The key concept/idea of the Fit International is that education on a healthy lifestyle is of a crucial importance. Sufficient physical activity is a protective factor of health for it impacts the physical as well as mental health what results in a better quality of life. The Recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in »United States of America Department of Health and Human Services Centres for Disease Control and Prevention« (CDC) note that in order to be healthy, children need at least an hour of continuous pyhsical activity per day. It has been scientifically proven that that an active lifestyle in childhood positively impacts the lifestyle in adulthood.

Fit International is focused not only on the physical activity as the crucial activity within the healthy lifestyle in the widest sense, but also on the new guidelines for physical and health education in primary schools and kindergartens, and implementation of new pedagogical approaches towards teaching sports and other subjects.

Programmes and contents of the Fit International project, which was launched in 1999, have been integrated into a regular educational process in Slovenia’s 156 cooperating schools and kindergartens, 9,818 kindergarten teachers and 11,717 elementary teachers, sports pedagogues, health workers and other teachers. Fit International has become a well-recognised case of good practice not just in Slovenia, but also in the international arena.

Therefore, the Fit4Kid Conference held in Cankarjev dom – Cultural and Congress Centre Ljubljana, offered to 180 Slovenian pedagogues an important platform where they could get an access to the newest fresh and innovative guidelines for educating children through physical activity and playing instead of a peaceful sitting that children find to be boring. New approaches towards a better and healthier generations were built not only for the Slovenian, but also for the world’s future.