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We evaluate hotels and convention centres which are recommended to us by our readers and which are focused on congress tourism. For the 2017 award, we evaluated 25 new hotels and re-evaluated 12 hotels from last year. In total 151 evalutions by hidden guests were carried out, which enables a true high-quality comparison. We deliberately avoid the possibility that part of the evaluation is made-up of online surveys. We believe that, by using such a method, the information obtained would only reflect the opinion of those users who choose to participate. Therefore, we will continue to use the hidden guest methodology, which, in our opinion, ensures the best quality results, despite the fact that this method is time-consuming and demanding.

Meeting Star Awards 2017



THE RITZ CARLTON, Budapest, Hungary

The Ritz Carlton is a synonym for quality and superior hotel services.. The hotel is located in the heart of Budapest. We were not only extremely impressed by its location, but also by the professionalism of its staff, the arrangement of the hotel, and top-notch cuisine. The entire hotel experience has been thoughtfully designed, with the well-being of guests of paramount importance. The congress centre also follows this philosophy so that the four congress halls are customised to the most demanding clients.

Highest mark:5.00 First Impression
Lowest mark: 4.87 Extras
Price (Trivago)-March 2018: 295 – 495 €
Top positive surprises: The exceptional staff, who set the standards for hotel services in the region and execute them to perfection, whilst at the same time working elegantly and in a unforced manner with outstanding attention to detail.
‘Flop’ negative surprises: The Ritz Carlton justified all our expectations and we simply have no negative comments to make. This is also what sets it apart from the competition.

Mark: 4.95

  • 200 rooms and suites
  • The beautiful building is located in the centre of the city and all the main attractions are within walking distance. The exceptional hotel concierge service is ready to assist in organising trips to explore the city.


HOTEL CORINTHIA, Budapest, Hungary

The Hotel Corinthia has a character that sets it apart from other hotels in the city. The elegant building, top-notch service and excellent congress facilities place it at the very top of the regional congress hotel services. It has the biggest selection of congress halls in Budapest, all of them 5 star, and includes 31 meeting rooms, the baroque-style Grand Ballroom and the special Executive Lounge which is suitable for holding private congress meetings. Luxury comfort, modern elegance and technology bring the offer together.

Highest mark:5.00 Congress Hall
Lowest mark: 4.82 Hotel bed
Price (Trivago)-March 2018: 134 – 195 €
Top positive surprises: Great value for money. In other European destinations you would pay considerably more for this level of service.
‘Flop’ negative surprises:There are hardly any flaws in a hotel of this ranking, except the high prices, which are justified by the excellent service.

Mark: 4.94

  • 414 rooms
  • The Royal Lounge – a space intended for congress organisers which offers the perfect work and relaxation conditions during an event.

HIDDEN GUEST – Corinthia Hotel Budapest




Hotel Grand Bretagne is in a world of its own and definitely falls into the top league of regional hotels. It is a hotel institution, which will never disappoint. The highest standards in comfort, cuisine and overall pleasure wrapped inside a package that still defines the standards of what quality should feel like in Athens. A big plus is the option of combining conference halls and hotel capacities with its subsidiary hotel, King George, and thus opening up possibilities for larger groups.

Highest mark: 5.00 Location
Lowest mark: 4.61 Extras
Price (Trivago)-March 2018: 362 – 523 €
Top positive surprises: Churchill’s Room,a unique 23-square-metre dining room that caters for small functions for up to 12 people, which is located on the ground floor.
‘Flop’ negative surprises: The only negative side to a hotel of this category is the price. It is completely appropriate if judged against quality, but it can dissuade corporate partners who might have a limited budget.

Mark: 4.85

  • 380 rooms
  • The most beautiful and romantic special venue in Athens is the Roof Garden Restaurant at the Grand Bretagne.

HIDDEN GUEST – Grand Bretagne Athens


HILTON IMPERIAL, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The hotel won the Connie Award for the leading hotel in each brand of the Hilton Worldwide chain, and it convinced us too with its luxury and superior level of customer service. This hotel with a soul speaks for itself and is also an excellent choice for congresses, budget permitting of course. The hotel has witnessed many historic congress events and banquets, which continue not to disappoint right up to today. This is a serious hotel institution with a deep soul.

Highest mark: 5.00 Location
Lowest mark: 4.35 Accesibility
Price (Trivago)-March 2018: 206 – 436 €
Top positive surprises: The personalised service and attention to the smallest detail, as well as the hotel’s above average friendly and professional staff.
‘Flop’ negative surprises: Perhaps just the high prices in high season, which are not in accordance with the policy of four-star hotels of some corporate clients.

Mark: 4.84

  • 147 rooms
  • The top business centre has seven meeting rooms and a large conference hall for up to 260 participants.
Dubrovnik, Hilton Imperial



Radisson Blu Old Mill took a risk and in doing so it has come out very well – just the right aesthetic balance has been captured. It has retained all its original ingredients that make this a top quality hotel whilst the new space has been balanced with the story of the former mill. The result is an elegant concept – an authentic hotel, a cult restaurant and a dynamic lounge bar, all of which gives a new dimension to Belgrade tourism and at the same time has set new standards.

Highest mark: 4.99 Lobby
Lowest mark: 4.05 Accesibility
Price (Trivago)-March 2018: 107 – 119 €
Top positive surprises: The celebrity culinary team. This Belgrade hotel scene has acquired a passionate, dedicated and experienced culinary team in a new hotel that was born under a lucky star.
‘Flop’ negative surprises: Awkward access to the hotel, which requires some ingenuity from guests arriving by car.

Mark: 4.83

  • 236 rooms
  • An integral part of the story is the central market, which in the warmer months turns into a very special event space.

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