Photo credit: M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag

M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag organized another of its invitation-only “Insider Gathering” events at the amazing “Spoon the Boat” located on the Danube in Budapest on April 12th.

The tailored B2B gathering saw 17 buyers and 15 suppliers coming from everywhere in Europe, and for the first time also from the Emirates, connecting with each other in a totally informal and friendly environment – which is one of the key characteristics of M.I.C.E.-in-the-bag’s successful B2B workshops.

As with the previous ones held in London, Stockholm and Florence, it used the unique recipe of MICE-in-the-bag: a one-stop meeting environment for delivery-ready suppliers and budget-ready buyers of MICE. The formula is to match pre-selected suppliers and buyers, providing savings in prospecting costs to suppliers, enabling them to offer buyers more attractively priced packages.

Similarly to the Florence one, this event was geographically diverse, with attendees from Germany, Russia, Denmark, Dubai, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Italy and Greece. Initial matches were arranged between Buyers and Suppliers, according to their needs, and then meetings took place throughout one whole day in a relaxed environment. To be noted it was the very first time that some buyers and suppliers came also from outside Europe, specifically from Dubai, the Emirates’ flagship destination, thus certifying the fast growing awareness and reputation of MICE-in-the-bag in just 13 months after its debut.