Prague vs Ljubljana

A current comparison of the closest competitors following the Kongres MTLG methodology.

Numbeo Quality of Life Index 2016:3.20 3.32
Numbeo Safety Index:3.914.13
ACI Airport Connectivity Index:4.543.16
Sunshine hours: per year:1,6681,981
The largest hall in the city (in sqm):
10,237 sqm2,456 sqm
The number of 4* and 5* category hotel rooms:22,4911,775
The number of 4* and 5* category hotels:25819
Banquet hall maximum capacity:1,7001,200
Maximum hall capacity in theatre style:2,7642,200


The spirit of Central Europe is in the best way caught in this beautiful city, which is an excellent convention destination because of its cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, liveliness and a tireless nightlife. What is the secret of the Prague congress tourism? What are they doing differently? It is a combination of circumstances and wise development policies. Elegantly and sustainably they are working to be among the top ten European congress cities. The story is reminiscent of Skoda, of which the Czechs are very proud and is one of the oldest auto- motive brands in Europe. Reputable, solid and reliable pre-war limousines were after the war changed by cars that were behind the times. Today, Skoda shines again and again puts the Czech manufacturer where it once was. The same can be said for the meetings industry, where Prague began to seriously falter against the locations top of the European league. If we look at the position of Prague regionally, Prague will not take primacy in the region over Vienna, but it certainly has all the conditions to remain for a long time the first congress destination among East European capitals.


Ljubljana has congresses written in its genome. Long before the emergence of the meetings industry as we know it today, in 1821 Ljubljana hosted the Congress of the Holy Alliance. The city is picturesque, attractive and friendly to congress guests. According to its conference and accommodation infrastructure, Ljubljana belongs to the group of capitals suitable for medium-sized and smaller meetings (up to 2,500 participants). It is positioned side by side with the new EU member states and geographically in the region of the Western Balkans. Ljubljana is friendly and favourable to the meetings industry, while at the same time competitive in terms of price and quality. Ljubljana makes a good first impression and among all regional capitals it also has a very good image that has also been strengthened thanks to the Conventa Trade Show.




1. Hotel Yalta
A modernist hotel.

2. Dragonboating
Rowing competition with dragon boats on the Vltava river.

3. Tower Park Prague
Crazy venue with a beautiful view of the city.

4. Beer Tour
Meet typical Prague pubs with a century of tradition.

5. Driving with tanks
The taste of socialist times for real men.




1. Grand Union Hall
A wonderful example of an Art Noveau conference hall tailored to the needs of modern congress organisers.

2. The Walnut grove
The venue has an amazing location set in nature. The main attraction of the venue is its ambience, which is best described as ‘eco-chic & vintage’.

3. 2 Convention Centres
Cankarjev dom and the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

4. The Švicarija Creative Centre
With this new venue one can decide on hosting an event in the middle of the city, yet at the same time be in the middle of a natural setting.

5. Odprta Kuhna
On Fridays from mid-March to October, a square at the Ljubljana Central Market is literally occupied by a street food market that has in last six years established itself as a true city hot spot.

PRAGUE: 4.55 /5