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Amongst all the Croatian towns on the Adriatic coast, Šibenik is set aparty by its unique location in a picturesque and open bay at the mouth of the Krka River. St.Anthony’s Strait/Channel (Kanal Sv.Antona), which connects Šibenik’s harbour to the open sea, has in recent years become famous through the HBO series Game of Thrones; its entering point from the sea side offered a perfect setting for the entrance to the City of Braavos. At the entrance into the Strait, the fortress of St. Nicholas (Tvrđava Sv.Nikole), the most important renaissance fortress on the eastern coast of the Adriatic, impressively welcomes visitors into the scenic experience.

The best way to explore the charms of famous Šibenik’s sea side is offered by an incentive called »Hidden Šibenik – Kayaking«. The kayaking tour along Šibenik’s secrets and historical diamonds includes picnic in nature, professional guidance by a licensed guide that leads participants through the St.Anthony’s Channel while telling the stories about the Šibenik’s history connected to the St.Nicholas Fortress (16th Century fortress inscribed into the UNESCO List of World Heritage) and waters.

The added value of the incentive is in its hidden spots to which the experienced local guide takes. For example, the tour shows a hidden tunnel, takes to sightseeing of an old stone church, and offers enjoyable views of Šibenik. And last, but not the least, the kayaking incentive makes a stop at the impressive UNESCO monument – St.Nicholas Fortress which is the only of the four Šibenik’s fortresses that is located at sea, at the entrance to the Šibenik port. The fortress was built in the 16th Century to prevent Ottoman boats from reaching the port and it was armed with 32 cannons. Supposedly its imposing appearance and size were a bigger threat to the enemy than cannons ever were.

When in Šibenik, this kayaking tour offers a mixture of active and historical experience signed with charming past and modern HBO shivers.

Suscreen, hat and sunglasses are highly recommended along the swimming suit, of course.

Best time of the year:June - September
Duration:2 to 3.5 hours
Number of participants:Min = 2, Max = 11
Location:Šibenik, Dalmatia, Croatia


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Šibenik - Kayaking Tour