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Not even 10 minutes drive by car, outside the city center of Podgorica, is a 2,310 ha broad land, surrounded by the hills of Montenegro, and placed between the river Morača and CIjevna. This land of stone, that was a desert 40 years ago, is today one of Europe’s biggest vineyards. The mountain tops are still covered in snow in March. But the broad land of stone, that embraces the pampering of the sun rays more than 2,500 hours per year, is already showing the first signs of spring.

Ćemovsko polje was before 1970, just another piece of land under the mountains. Well today, after 40 years of creating the unimaginable project, they succeeded to establish a world recognizable vineyard, with over 11 million vines planted and created a world known brand Plantaže.

Thanks to the incredible climate and the nature of the soil, Plantaže are growing the autochthonous varieties – the famous Vranac (planted on 70% area of the vineyard) , Krstač, Kratošija and Žižak as well as some of the world famous sorts of vines like Chardonnay, Souvignon blanc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, Negro amaro, Marselan, Peti verdo etc. Plantaže produces more than 30 different vine products and 3 different types of brandy or rakija as it is called in Montenegro. Every year more than 16 million wine bottles are made and exported worldwide.

The wine cellar Šipčanik is a unique and fascinating place. In a 356m long, 13,5m and 7m high underground tunnel, that used to be an airplane hangar during the war, a unique and spectacular wine cellar was arranged, where they also offer wine tastings and the cellar is also a popular place for organizing different kinds of events. In this impressive 7,000m2 cellar more than 2 million liters of wine in wooden barrels are stored, and over 19.000 wine bottles are archived.

Visiting this wine cellar is a treat for all of your senses!



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