Photo credit: www.dnevnik.si

Hoppel Poppel is a traditional way to use up leftovers in Berlin. It is a variation on the traditional fried potatoes known as Bratkartoffeln. Hoppel poppel was once to order in almost every hotel in Europe and also in North America. Under the name hoppel poppel or hoffel poffel, they served the guests with a charming and relatively tasty dish, usually prepared from the completely usable remnants of the evening’s dinner, which were always present in hotel kitchens and would have been discarded. This dish could be served as a brunch dish, or for any light meal or snack. The potato, meat, cheese, eggs, onions and other random ingredients that are still popular in Germany, especially in Berlin, can also be prepared from fresh raw materials from the very beginning.

Once upon a time, the hotel Union in Ljubljana was named after hoppel poppel trout and in the memory of that time, the dish can still be ordered today at the Union’s Central Hotel restaurant. The union hoppel poppel is one of the typical Ljubljana dishes that we find under the auspices of the Taste of Ljubljana project. You can easily prepare your dish at home, in a seasonal manner, in the spring, with asparagus and carnivorous sausages, perhaps from the remains of Easter ham in the fridge. In choosing ingredients for your favourite hopel popel only sky is the limit.

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