Q: To get us warmed up could you tell us a little bit about your background and the aspect of your career of which you are most proud?
That we have been able to work closely with various professional organizers, end-users and event registration systems on all continents and managed to jointly develop an easy to use and affordable event app creation platform and event app that makes them use our apps and return year after year. On top of that we’ve received a nice award and some great reviews by e.g. Event Manager Blog. Last but not least, I am proud thatr we are starting to see more and more visitors on who create and use very nice event apps and successfully integrate these apps in their event concept.

I believe that the human part of events remains very important and digitization with new technologies will continue as long as it either supports the key purpose of events or helps organizers.

Q: How and in which direction will the Meeting industry change in the future?
I think learning, networking and interacting remains the key purpose why people go to professional events. I believe that the human part of events remains very important and digitization with new technologies will continue as long as it either supports the key purpose of events or helps organizers to more efficient and effective in achieving their goals.

Q: Which innovations in your opinion will most influence the organisation of events?
We are living in exciting times as there is so much new and exciting basic technology maturing like artificial intelligence, augmented reality etc. The innovations that break through will most probably contain some of these innovations but must always make the event better, more productive or help the event stakeholders reach their goals in an easier or more efficient way.

Q: What personally inspires you?
I can get inspired by a person with a vision and actually make that vision happen by working hard, overcome challenges and get a team of people passionately contributing to that.

About Superevent

Q: Please explain to our readers what are the main features of Superevent?
For event organizers, Superevent offers and easy to use and very affordable Content Management System (CMS) which enables that to provide all relevant information to their participants. Besides the relevant event information, the organizers can also communicate easily with all or certain groups of participants (e.g. speakers) by chat, mail or push notifications and stimulate networking and interaction by offering their participant various tools such as a social wall, voting and q&a functions etc.
In our multi-event branded apps for e.g. association or communities, we are also going to offer event-independent information so community managers can not only promote all their small and large events through one app, but continue to communicate with their community members in-between events e.g. through announcements, news updates, general industry information etc.

Q: Who was the Superevent designed for?
Originally Superevent was designed for professional events and all sorts of conferences. Now it’s been used successfully for many events such as scientific conference, exhibitions, trainings, incentive trips, Horse races, product launches, birthday parties, Sailing regattas etc.

Q: What are the statistics behind the success of Superevent?
We have supported close to a thousand events and have registered several hundred-thousands of people in various roles (participant, speaker, sponsor etc.)

Q: What are the biggest challenges for you on the position at Superevent?
I think our main challenge is to make the creation of an event (the journey of the conference organizer) simpler than simple.